Viledon filter pads.


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Viledon filter material.

Viledon filter pads, cut to size.

Viledon filter material

Viledon p15 filter materialViledon P15 filter material
Viledon P15/150S, Viledon P15/350S, pre filters for general use.
Viledon P15/500S, pre filters for intake air for spray booths.

Viledon PSB filter materialViledon PSB filter material
Viledon PSB/145S, Viledon PSB/275S, Viledon PSB/290S,
pre filters for general use.

Viledon A3/300S, fine filtration pre-filter.
Viledon PA/500-10,

Viledon PA/560 G-10, Viledon PA-5 micron, fine filtration for spray booths..

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