AOM - Air Pollution Systems.

High performance kitchen exhaust air cleaners.

High Performance Odour Control Ozone Generator.

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Odour control systems for kitchen exhausts.



Honeycomb grease filters, standard available sizes.

Part No.

Dimensions (MM)


495 x 394 x 50


495 x 495 x 50


622 x 394 x 50


622 x 495 x 50


749 x 495 x 50


597 x 597 x 50


455 x 380 x 50

AOM AK series. Air Pollution System Advantages.
Systems designed according to AS 1668.2-1991.
Discharge at street level if no other option available.
Reduces pollution.
Efficiency up to 95% for particles of 0.01 micron.

Reduces cleaning of exhaust duct & reduces fire hazards.
Clean air can be re-circulated and used as make-up air for the exhaust hood.
Exhaust Hoods.

Selection of hoods to Australian Standards AS 1668.2-1991.
Exhaust hood with provision of Make-up air inlets.

AOM AK series. Air Cleaners, Electrostatic precipitators.
High performance kitchen exhaust air cleaners.
Charcoal Chicken, rotisserie Char-grill, all kitchens  type of cooking, Coffee Roasting.
Recommended by Councils and used by large Franchise Companies.
Odour control, Ozone Generator.
High Performance Odour Control Ozone Generator.
Powerful disinfectant and cooking odour eliminator (Up to 95%).
Can be use in addition to an Electrostatic Filter or stand-alone.
Easy to install with low maintenance and running costs.
Proven technology used by large franchise groups.

Air cleaners for exhaust systems.

Ozone Generators.

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