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Torion air curtain.Torion air curtain.Industrial air curtain.Recessed air curtain. High airflow air curtain

Installing an air curtain substantially saves on your energy costs.
Appropriate installation will insure correct operation and will not
lower the efficiency of the air curtain – air curtains.
Maintain your air curtain – air curtains by cleaning with a damp cloth.
Selecting the optimum “air curtain” model is the key to effective use of an air curtains, 
NOT “air curtain price”.


An air curtain provides your premises with
a comfortable, clean indoor environment.

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In buildings and businesses where entry doors are continually being opened and closed it is necessary to prevent the undesirable inflow of cold air during winter time.
Likewise, if the building is air conditioned then it is appropriate to protect the building during summer time against the entry of hot air.

A well designed air curtain prevents the above mentioned thermal losses.
also provides energy savings) of 75% to 85%
Operating costs are in the power consumption of the ventilators and the unused (loss) performance of the heat exchanger of 15 to 25%.
If we calculate the achieved savings from the use of an air curtain,
in the majority of cases the return on investment period is in the range of 1.5 to 3 years.

The air curtain needs to be installed as close as possible to the opening.
The ideal installation of the air curtain is on the top edge of the door.
The effectiveness of the air curtain depends
namely on the volume and speed of the air
stream coming out of the air curtain.
The volume of air blown out of the air curtain does not change with distance;
however its speed rapidly declines.

Air curtain suppliers.

Torion air curtain.Torion non heated air curtain
900mm, 1200, 1500mm, 1800, 2000mm.

Torion air curtain.Torion heated air curtains.

900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm.

High airflow air curtainHeavy duty air curtain.

Stainless steel air curtainStainless steel air curtain.

Stainless steel air curtain supplier pdf
900mm, 1200, 1500mm, 1800, 2000mm.

Industrial type air curtain.

In Ceiling mounted type air curtain.

Teco air curtains.

TECO air curtains PNN-K330YA1 - 900mm 333 l/s          TECO air curtains PNN-K340YA1 - 900mm 425 l/s

TECO air curtains PNN-K430YA1 - 1200mm 467 l/s          TECO air curtains PNN-K440YA1 - 1200mm 600 l/s

Air curtains. Slimeline air curtain. Heavy duty air curtain.  Heated air curtain.  Stainless steel air curtain.
Industrial air curtain.
  Teco air curtain.  Torion air curtain. Torion heated air curtain. 900 air curtain.  1200 air curtain.  1500 air curtain.  1800 air curtain.
2000 air curtain.  air curtain

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