Commercial Air Purification.

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Re-loadable gate filters.
Cardboard disposable filters.
Stainless steel filters.
Aluminum filters.

Panel filters.
Commercial grease filters.
Thrip insect media filters.
Electrostatic media filters.
High efficiency filters.
Activated carbon filters.
Combo Filter frames.
Filter frames sets.
Buy straight from the

Energy savings air curtains.

AOM Australia.

AOM AK series.

Ozone Generators.

Air Purification
Hospital Odours;  Embalming Odours;  Cleaning Compounds; Bathroom/Toilet Odours;  Cooking Odours;  Tobacco Odours; Animal Odours;  Jet Exhaust Fumes;  Auto/Diesel Exhaust;  Body Odours;  Film Processing Odours;  Disinfectants;  Printing/Copying Odours;  Adhesive Odours;  Sulphur Dioxide;  Formaldehyde; 
Nitric Oxide; Ozone.

AOM AK series. Air Cleaners, Electrostatic precipitators.
High performance kitchen exhaust air cleaners.
Charcoal Chicken, rotisserie Char-grill, all kitchens  type of cooking, Coffee Roasting.
Recommended by Councils and used by large Franchise Companies.
Odour control, Ozone Generator.
High Performance Odour Control Ozone Generator.
Powerful disinfectant and cooking odour eliminator (Up to 95%).
Can be use in addition to an Electrostatic Filter or stand-alone.
Easy to install with low maintenance and running costs.
Proven technology used by large franchise groups.

Dry scrubbing media and gas-phase air filtration systems for commercial facilities.

Remove odours and other contaminants from outside intake air and return air to give your building a better indoor air quality (IAQ).

Available with activated carbon, potassium permanganate or blended media.
Refillable Carbon Trays
• Wide variety of sizes to fit various manufacturers’ housings.
• Cold rolled steel frame.
AG-12 Element
• Fits Purafil and Flanders housings.
• Refillable design.
• Contains 30 pounds of carbon.
AG-18 Element
• Fits AG-22 and Purafil PC-22 housings.
• Refillable and disposable models.
• Contains 30 pounds of carbon.


High Capacity Carbon filters
• Select from activated carbon, impregnated
carbon, potassium permanganate
or blended media.


AG-2000 Front Access Housing.
• 14 gauge cold rolled steel construction.
• Easily removable access grid.
• Contains 90 pounds of carbon (10 trays)
Side Access Housings.
• 16 gauge steel construction.
• Adaptor flanges to match up with air handling units.
• 2" prefilter or after filter track
AG-14 Carbon Housing
• 16 gauge cold rolled steel construction.
• Holds four IAQ-100 carbon panels.
• Built-in prefilter and final filter tracks.
• Contains 48 pounds of carbon.
AG-22 Carbon Housing
• 16 gauge cold rolled steel construction.
• Holds four AG-18 carbon elements.
• Contains 72 pounds of carbon.


HEPA Filter.

Three Pocket Bag 600 Deep
(3 pocket type)
Three Pocket Bag 400 Deep
(3 pocket type)

Four Points (FPB) (4 point type)
P-Cube (PSQ) (Cube type)
P-Cone (PCO) (Cone type)
Tri-cell (TPB)
Small Wedge Type (MIW)
Large Wedge Type (MAW)
Also available in half sizes.

Deep bed Filter.

WinAir 45 pocket filter.
Viledon WinAir 45 pocket filters.
Download pdf files.
WinAir pocket filters.
Specifications WinAir 45.

Viledon filters
and filter media available.

Viledon pads, cut to size pads.
PSB/145 S, PSB/275 S,
PSB/290 S,
pre filters for general use.

P15/150 S, P15/350 S,
pre filters for general use.

P15/500 S,
pre filters for intake air
for spray booths.

A3/300 S, fine filtration pre-filter.

PA/500-10, PA/560 G-10, PA-5 micron,
fine filtration.


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